Monday, August 13, 2007

A Paean to a Weapon

Today is the 60th Anniversary of the Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle. A reliable weapon is sometimes the only arbiter of victory or defeat. I know this well. For seven years (effectively the whole of Averse Sefira's tour history) I wielded a BC Rich Beast called Stormbringer and in that time I abused it far more than it deserved. It got slammed in a door before I had ever laid hands upon it. I sheared off the bottom edge of it leaping off a PA speaker in the Czech Republic. I have inadvertently (and sometimes purposely) drawn the blood of my band mates and or audience members with its headstock. It has met with repeated and relentless spiked assaults that left a maze of scratches and the need for repeated applications of wood putty and glue. Its scars are testimonies to the distances it traveled and the violence it sustained. Stormbringer served me well indeed, and it was in dire need of retirement though I will miss it. It helped shape the visual assault of our unit, and it is hard to put it aside in favor of a newer model.

Fortunately a worthy replacement came to me in the form of a Moser Arachnid Ultra. Adherents of Altars of Madness will note the significance of the color scheme. It will take some time for the black magick to be imbued into this new device, but in keeping with tradition the mongoloid enclave known as DHL succeeded in breaking off the bottom horns during shipping so I take this as a sign that we were meant to do battle together.