Sunday, September 19, 2010


 draft of artwork for 'Tetragrammatical Astygmata', 2005 by Joe Kennett.

The above sketch was discovered earlier this evening, just as the artwork for the 5th effort made it to me in its fully realized and perfect form (and countless voices demand to know what and when - as stated many times before, be patient). Right now an old song is coming alive in my hands again, just as the words to unborn ones continue to whisper their presence in the peripheries. One more monument at least, ye mighty, before we are released from your thrall.

The visual condition of AVRS has always been an essential component of our message. The next release will be no different . Here is a small but crucial detail - the executors of the masterful Advent Parallax art and layout are again standing with us to ensure that "5" is every bit as grand. We are very grateful, and we are further obligated to create new music that will measure up to these artisans and their incredible efforts.