Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Familiar Visage

This arrived yesterday, shrouded in cerecloth. It is an effigy amidst the ashes; a dying god coming into human flesh. I will wait patiently for the eyes to open.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


And like a thunderclap it was over. Tom G. Fischer's departure/disbanding of Celtic Frost has reverberated through the metal community, and though it is already "old news" it still merits attention. While I want to believe that declaring them officially dead is premature I can only rely on the regrettable facts as presented. Much like life itself, a band can end suddenly and without a sense of closure. It could be argued that Frost's departure yielded a satisfactory denouement by redeeming their controversial legacy with a truly strong album. Monotheist was what most everyone (including Tom, per his own journal) expected to be a new monument rather than the final cenotaph.

It is not my place to speculate on the reasons why Celtic Frost fractured once again, but let us not forget that the band was always fraught with adversity from its inception. Tom's efforts to propel the band forward often struck me as Melvillian; he was another Ahab hunting his own elusive white whale. Thus it is all the more poignant to think that he had finally captured the beast through Monotheist, but only then to see it fall back into the cold darkness. I enjoyed having elder statesmen among us again; for too long we have endured something of a headless movement with many of the old guard selling out, walking away, or leaving this world altogether. It was galvanizing to have Celtic Frost step forth and take up the flag once more and on their own terms, no less. The fact that they did it at all is amazing given the way it ended the first time around. Moreover, Tom in particular deserves all the credit in the world for embracing so many of the bands that grew out of his legacy. Try giving your album to someone like Kerry King and see how well it goes.

The short version is that I wish it did not have to be this way. And maybe it won't be forever. I get no sense that Tom is going to summarily abandon metal in the wake of this, so it seems that waiting patiently is the only choice we have. Still, I was ready for more from the mighty Frost and it seems that this day may never arrive.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For the Record

The fact that this entry is even necessary is outrageous but somehow my previous entry drew the ire of Terese of Scarab Productions and she has since been stoking internet gossip against Averse Sefira and Watain in an attempt to make us look bad. I stand by my writing as an accurate and reasonably objective account of the event, and every effort was made to prevent the airing of dirty laundry or unfavorable portrayals of anyone involved. On the contrary, I meant the whole of the article as a positive appraisal. This was unfortunately lost on Terese due to some circumstances during the show for which she felt aggrieved and it seems that my estimation of the situation was not slanted sufficiently in her favor (i.e. I did not editorialize either way and I will not do so at this point either). I am disgusted to think that a promoter would be so unprofessional in venting these complaints on a message board aimed at teenagers rather than taking it up with the bands directly. At this point the issues in question are now mired in hearsay, gossip, and distortion of facts:

For the record we are not at odds with Cephalic Carnage and we never were. The bad exchange I described earlier was an isolated incident not even connected to our band, and as I also mentioned the issue was dropped. They kept in the spirit of competing with us and Watain, as I have since heard that they lampooned both of us on stage during their set. We take no exception to that, in part because it seems they saw the line-up situation for what it was and answered to it in their own fashion. People love conflict, and while I know it would be more exciting to think that we are now arch-enemies this is simply not the case.

This is the only time I will ever use this space for rebuttals or clarifications but when we and our friends are facing slander that is in part based on something that was featured in these pages, I think it is only appropriate to keep a response close to the source.