Friday, June 13, 2008

The Language of Sigils

Averse Sefira is mentioned in the unlikely venue of the MTV Newroom as part of a promotional entry entitled Top 10 Most Illegible Metal Logos, which is far from the first time our insignia has been the object of curiosity. It is interesting that anyone would think Sanguine designed it for any sort of practical readability. The words are there for those who wish to see them, but the intention was to have a battle standard and an representative mark that embodies our work. Sigils are concise ways to bind meaning, and often they are keys to realms in which their creators marshal energy and inspiration. Witnesses of death metal's heyday know what the Trifixion means when they see it; our logo is no different. This is why no matter how many times the name of Averse Sefira is printed in a conventional form, this logo will always be present. The meaning and the mantle are one and the same - a matrix for form and chaos.