Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hoist the black flag

ATTENTION: To all weekenders, hipsters, novelty seekers, scenesters, and assorted parasites of the underground – we, the purveyors and fans of metal pre-1990 are taking back our music from you scum. It was never yours, you don't understand it, and we don't need your permission, approval, or support to continue. You idiots have done nothing but bastardize and trivialize it for almost a decade and we are sick of it. You allowed nu-metal and metalcore to happen. You allowed a cartoon band to release the “biggest selling death metal album of all time”. You take from us and offer nothing in return other than complaining and self-impressed criticism. The veterans are coming back in droves, and their music is not for you. Everything you think you know is once again irrelevant. You are irrelevant. Prepare to be marginalized like the non-people you are. Find a different genre to exercise your neuroses. There is no place for you at this table any longer. Fuck you. We're taking it back.