Monday, November 29, 2010

Effigies - Artifaction II

I first acquired Celtic Frost's To Mega Therion in 1987, as I was simply too young to buy it when it was originally released. Like many nascent metalheads, the forbidding cover image ignited my fascination with the work of HR Giger. In short order, I managed to acquire several of his books despite the pain of scrambling for money at every turn to do so. As I became engrossed in the nameless realms and striated landscapes of Giger's paintings, I felt ever more envious of Tom and Celtic Frost for having access to such an incredible artist. I quietly promised myself that one day my band would find a master of our own to help bring our presentation to new heights.

Two decades later, I found myself speaking enthusiastically with an artist named Jos A. Smith about licensing his artwork for our upcoming album, Advent Parallax. Jos was a contemporary of Giger, and they had actually collaborated together on designs for an unmade film called "The Tourist". That aside, Jos' work was just as captivating and massive as his Swiss counterpart, and before long we were actively collaborating on new commissions for Averse Sefira. The results can be seen in the Advent Parallax booklet, but until now the original drawings have not been published. To wit:

Sanguine Mapsama

The Carcass

Wrath - original version, unused
Wrath - 2nd version

It is difficult to describe the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from working with such a talented and unique fine artist. Moreover, it is almost impossible to describe how it feels to have a life-long aspiration become reality.

And Sanguine recently found this tribute:

This was painted by Tom Neely as part of a series of black metal Post-It note art. It is striking that such a simple format can capture so much, and that our work speaks to so many gifted individuals. We are honored and humbled.