Friday, February 15, 2008

I Feel Nothing

Nashville was bad. Every band has their off nights and this one was definitely ours. The room and stage were unusually dark so I got caught in some unsecured cables and nearly fell while taking my position, the stage sound was impossibly bad and we could not hear one another, and none of this did anything to win over the static audience who attended the set. Sanguine is still struggling with his illness and his voice, so we ended up paring the set down to four songs. We debated this wisdom of this after the fact but I doubt it would have improved the situation to play the full set. We cut “Vomitorium Angelis”, which is the closing track off the new album, as it is the longest song we have on this tour and while we like performing it is starting to feel unwieldy and as it is new it is also a lot for an audience to absorb. We will likely perform other tracks in its stead for the remaining dates. We left early from Nashville to get to Chicago in plenty of time. I was fine to go and allow the bad show cloud to dissipate but it meant having to walk away from an Immolation set so our departure was not without regret.