Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Devil I Know

The In 'n Out Double Double combo with Animal style burger, Animal style fries, and Neopolitan shake had no prayer against us. We devoured them with impunity. The drive itself was punctuated by rain and the hellish traffic as we skirted Los Angeles, and the van roared with Beethoven and The Doors (which is a more fitting combination than one might expect). Load in turned out to be noon and we made it in at 3pm. Whoops. The Galaxy Theater is another ballroom but at least this time the floor area is cordoned off by tiers of seating so the issue will be forced somewhat.

Later: The venue was packed and all the bands joined in a full-court press that turned the room into a pressure cooker. We had a strong showing and we were also galvanized by the fact that several of our shirts were floating around throughout the audience. Belphegor had a maniac response, though Immolation once again shined as the elder statesmen as they delivered a set that kept the room a swirling mass of colliding bodies. It is rare that you see a pit from the beginning to the end of a set. It was incredible. I was so agitated by the end that when George from Rotting Christ found that his guitar was locked in a dressing room where Serpent was fucking his nightly groupie, I reared back to kick the door in before George implored me to stop. This is one of those nights that make me wish tours would last forever, that our band and our friends bands would never stop, that moments like this could be the only moments that matter. I have to confess the thought of Averse Sefira and Immolation inevitably ceasing to exist one day is almost painfully poignant, but I cannot allow it to overshadow the occasion. Its greatness will always remain.