Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rival the Eminent

For once it seems like we were the only band on the tour that really enjoyed the show. Seattle was ready for us and we laid down a spotless performance in response. The sound on stage was ghastly but we stayed tight and did not let it stop us. We met Paul from the band Alchemy, and if he is not our biggest fan he at least makes the top five. I don't think I've ever received so many fervent bear hugs in my life. It is validating to meet people for whom our work much holds so much value. Rotting Christ seemed to be unhappy with their set, but it is hard to tell since they virtually always communicate in raised voices regardless of the situation. Bob was also unhappy as he is drained by illness, which is understandable. I still thought they sounded great regardless. We also bid a reluctant goodbye to our friend Jme; ten hours does not really make up for nine years of separation and I once again found myself wishing that everyone important to me lived in the same place.

After the show we put Immolation in our van and went to an all-night diner called Hurricane. As we pulled out we saw Ras of Belphegor shaking his fist at us for leaving him behind. Sorry chief. Over an excess of food (one of the restaurant's specialties is a 12-egg omelet) we joked and griped and got a show of hands as to who has yet to walk in on Serpent from Belphegor during one of his sexual escapades. It was my turn tonight since he had apparently holed up in the only backstage bathroom. Ross was irately trying the door and suddenly it pulled open with Serpent peering out at us questioningly. In the mirror behind him we saw his paramour fully naked up against the wall. The man is an operator, there can be no debate. We are on to Portland now, which is a short and relatively painless drive compared to the ten hour hell we will experience tonight in order to get to Oakland.