Friday, April 6, 2007

Nebular Raven's Springtime

Quebec City was a hard drive, as it was almost 10 hours up the road from New York. We drove through the night and then early morning and made it through the border with no problem. It is the small details of touring that make for sometimes surreal and memorable moments. 1349 caught up with us in the immigration office and as each member was cleared to leave they got up and walked out the door, grinning in triumph and blowing kisses to us. I imagine this is the only time the Canadian customs office featured so much laughter. Back on the road, it was snowing and the ground was covered with wet slush which made for more difficult driving in a city that is very old and very hard to navigate. We eventually blundered our way to L'Anti, though Nachtmytium was once again badly lost and barely made it in time to set up the backline equipment. Preparing under that kind of duress is never welcome, but we managed to rise to the occasion and meet the welcoming throng full-throttle. Sanguine is ill and his voice is compromised, but he still made a masterful showing as always.

Afterwards, we went to a local rock bar near our hotel and engaged in some rounds of foosball. Nate Goatwhore challenged me and Ben took great delight in watching me destroy him. He is an amazing provocateur, and his boisterous cries of,"Ohhhhh man! Lookit that shot!" made an already heated match into pandemonium.