Friday, April 6, 2007

Short of the mark

Montreal was a disappointment, especially in light of the high anticipation we had for it. When we started at 7pm, it was to an empty room. The Foufounes is a large club, and everyone who came to the show was still downstairs. About three songs in we accumulated an audience, though they were somewhat withdrawn and static throughout. The other bands got about the same reception. It was very dismaying, given our standing affection for this city. The highlight of the show was seeing our long-time friends from Nefastus Dies and Unquintessence, along with Calamity and Thorn who have supported us for years. Sometimes it only the people we know that make a show worthwhile.

Later- Rouyn Noranda is an eight hour drive into the northern frontierland, so we decided to carvan together for safety and efficiency. We struck out directly after the Montreal show and into the wet and snowy darkness of the Quebec forests. Goatwhore was blasting down the road with no intention of stopping, leaving 1349 to break off to sleep barely two hours after we began. They are currently separated from the rest of the caravan, hopefully all is well. We finally came to rest at a truck stop near the edge of a national park, which people warned was three hours of no gas stations or aid of any kind. The diner here has masterful poutine, and we ate plenty of it before continuing through the land of trees and frozen lakes. The excitement continued as we went on with someone in a minivan wiping out in front of us and coming to rest upside down. Other cars on the road stopped immediately and the man climbed out apparently unharmed. We drove on with increased vigilance.