Friday, April 6, 2007


Late on updates. There was few opportunities to access the terminal until now. For those who are keeping score:

Bedford, NH - This was a large and somewhat strange place as it was a live venue attached to a strip club attached to what seemed to be a hotel, though nobody who worked at the venue would admit that it was indeed a hotel and 1349 made an unsucessful attempt to book a room for the night. Everyone acted like they didn't know what a full 1/3 of the venue's property was for. Nefarious. The show was once again a success, with all bands turning out strong performances. A highlight of the evening was a reunion with our old comrade Evan Goathammer who had defected to the east from Texas some years before. He was a witness to the infancy of Averse Sefira, and it was gratifying to us that he was able to see how far we had come in the meantime.

New York - BB King's was crushing. Attendance was strong, and the response was fervent. The facility was of course very high-end, and between the light show and expert sound supplied by Chris from 1349 our set was massive and "rock star", which was a nice exception to the relatively clandestine settings we've seen until now. Ross and Bob of Immolation were present among other friends and it was an honor to finally perform a show for them in their city. There was much camaraderie and some depravity in the backstage afterwards. It was a good night.