Saturday, March 31, 2007

A place of blight and little chivalry

The North has continued to pay tribute to us. Poughkeepsie was excellent, despite its revolting setting. What an ugly city. The Loft, however, was nicely appointed and intimate and we played to a full room. All the bands have their sets well-oiled at this point, so the package as a whole is consistently dealing sonic death. Nachtmystium took a wrong turn heading to the club and were lost for two hours. The problem was they went to the neighboring town of New Paltz, which also had a Main St. and a club called the Loft. They repeatedly called me saying, "We're on Main! Where the fuck are you guys?" They finally figured out their error but it was a Twilight Zone moment.

As said, the show went well. We met someone from Brazil who had actually seen us perform with Candlemass in Sao Paulo and just happened to be in the area for the show. The world continues to shrink. Things got wilder post-show, as most everyone was in a wired and scrappy mood. Sanguine ended up mock grappling with Ben Goatwhore and evoked the mythical character of Antaeus as he wrenched Ben into a stalemate hold. The end of the night was punctuated with a pathetic bum begging us for money multiple times while we loaded out, and it took a bit of yelling to chase him off. Also, there was a very drunk, very lacivious girl who was hanging around the Goatwhore van. She was loose and sloppy and seemed to be finessing drummer Zach to some unclear end, and when it was time to leave she stepped out onto the curb. From our van, we wondered if she was being left behind with no apparent ride at 4am in a rather nasty neighborhood. The slamming doors of the Goatwhore van clanged an affirmative. The road knows no chivalry, and there is no room for damsels in dysfunction.

We then went to a high-end diner and had far too much food.