Monday, March 26, 2007

Early casualties and random thoughts

It is day four, Orlando is tonight. All of the bands have come together in alliance without much hesitation, which is always a good sign. We and Nachtmystium resolved to get hotel rooms for the night though it was only scarcely worth the money, considering the overall foulness of the rooms and the disgusting hookers creeping around the parking lot like roaches. The Carcass is already sick, which might be a new record for manifesting illness on tour. 1349's bus had a critical failure on day two, so they are now in a passenger van themselves though with twice as much equipment. No envy there.

Brief recap of Ft. Lauderdale:
- The Culture Room was a nice club and professionally run. The only problem was that we were not supported by local openers this time, so we ended up finishing our sound check and then immediately beginning our set as the doors had already opened and there were people standing there watching us prepare. Fortunately we had the foresight to don our paint and spikes beforehand. It was offputting enough as it was. Decent set, good reaction. We still need to find our footing, though. I think another show or two will do it.
- The strip mall next to the club featured an importer cafe, complete with outstanding selections of fresh made food and sundries from Europe. Thanks to Rick and company for their hospitality.
- The pub next door had an incident in which a drunk patron nearly assaulted the rather attractive barmistress. Nachtmystium and The Carcass intervened and helped chase him off. It is ironic that in this day and age you can count on a Black Metal band for more upright behavior than your average "normal" person.

More soon.