Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Atlanta burns

The Masquerade is a sprawling, cyclopean stone building that was once a
mill. There are three full sized clubs within. We played in Hell, there were supplimental bands (namely Withered, who were quite good) in the next door Purgatory room, and the unused and extremely large Heaven room was upstairs. The show was good. The stage sound was the best so far, and the audience reaction was a welcome turnabout from the bored indolence we experienced in Orlando. No matter, we gave them less than half of our normal effort and they still got a better show than they deserved. Tonight however, everyone was attentive and agreeable. Members of Demoncy were in attendance as well as Danielle from Morbid Thoughts and Mincemoyer from Oaken Throne. It is always gratifying to perform to people we respect. The food tonight was outstanding, with a large array of simple but filling dishes like chicken, mashed potatoes, et al. We were all grateful as up until now the promoters have been taking the buy-out option, which would be fine except that there is often little or nothing of quality to eat adjacent to the venues. The Carcass remained unconscious until show time, played a great set, and then returned to twilight as soon as we finished. It was worrisome. Fortunately, he now has access to antibiotics and has been considerably better in the last few hours.

1349 got their bus back last night, but when they started it up it made dubious wheezing noises that left us shaking our heads. There were several joke references about Han Solo and Chewbacca yelling and desperately throwing tools around. As of this writing the bus has apparently died again for effectively the last time. 1349 is to be transplanted to a passenger van, and for the moment Ben of Goatwhore is going to be the point man for keeping the tour running. This suits us fine as he is reliable and knows his business. We have already gained a great deal of respect for that unit, as they are dedicated, honorable, and often times completely hilarious. We also have just now arrived to the Muse in Nashville, and once again we will begin the process of Detonation.