Thursday, March 1, 2007

Intent - the source of all worthwhile Metal

Be advised that this space is not intended for social contact; it should stand as a record of events and ideas. We have no interest in laying bare the artifice that makes AVRS what it is, but as our copious interviews have demonstrated we are also interested in broadcasting our intent. From here onwards there will be no disclaimers, but merely content of our choosing as well as upcoming detritus from our march across this wretched nation of ours. Read on.

In many interviews I am asked, “What advice do you have for musicians who are just starting out?” Usually this means “What can a musician do to make a band that people will like?” And of course the fact is that there is no answer to this question. One simply creates music and if it speaks to anyone then it is a coincidence. However, I do have some words on what must be done to see a band become any kind of success- live like there is no day after tomorrow. Think this over for a moment. When people live as if there is no tomorrow it generally means they are impulsive, maybe self-destructive, and they certainly do not work to create anything with any degree of permanence. Averse Sefira is a product of calculated risk and sometimes when the situation demands it, total abandon in the name of achieving new goals. It certainly didn’t hurt our reputation in
France to spend almost $2000 of our own money to fly from Texas to Paris for a total of 60 hours, just so we could play a show with Antaeus in Bordeaux. It was something we did for the weekend while everyone else watched TV or went out to a chain restaurant for dinner. The point is that you must plan ahead and make scrupulous decisions but if you want to see your band have a name that precedes it, if you want to have experiences with your band that will last a lifetime, then be prepared to walk away from jobs, money, security, certainty, and the mediocrity that defines a life free of risk. Live like there is no day after tomorrow, and you will not regret it.

- WSD 3.1.07