Saturday, March 24, 2007

First strike

Tampa was odd. The stage at the venue was narrow, so our drum kit was front and center which sequestered myself and Sanguine to the far left and right sides of it. This of course made for an awkward performance, trapped as we were in our corners and unable to connect with one another in our accustomed fashion. It was not help that the stage sound was painfully loud and the only lights on us were red and very hot. The short version is that our performance was not to our liking, though it seems that those in attendance enjoyed it. We always appreciate any compliments we receive, though on nights like this they tend to get caught in a mire of our incredulity. Most artists are their own worst critics, and in most cases this is true for our band as well. No matter, we did what we came to do and reached the relatively small audience. 1349 lost over half their audience by the middle of their set, so it seems that "headliner syndrome" is a more far-reaching disease that we realized.

We stayed with Bill (Immolation/ex-Angelcorpse). His house is one of the most metal places we've ever seen.