Thursday, March 29, 2007

The thanks of a grateful Nashville

Sometimes it seems that the underdogs live to prove everyone else wrong. We were warned that Nashville would be a disappointment, but much like our surprisingly gratifying show in Jacksonville it was quite the opposite of our initial expectations. We played to a vocal and appreciative crowd who completely filled the small room of The Muse, which is a painfully hot and humid venue that left all of us to walk around looking like we had showered while fully dressed. The Norwegians have proven to be interesting and agreeable touring companions, and they gamely field our cultural jibes and offer quite a few in return. Goatwhore still remains the band to beat, as they tend to dominate each show with brand recognition, which is not to dismiss 1349's zealous and convincing performances. Goatwhore are tour junkies, pure and simple. They apparently have played The Muse 5 times in as many months, and then on stage they closed the evening by saying "See you guys in a month!", which was a statement that seemed completely free of irony. I have never met such a relentlessly hard-working band, though I'd like to believe Averse Sefira has the fortitude to become such an animal.

Today's drive to Springfield was not enjoyable, as it was ten hours of contending with eighteen-wheelers and being careful to avoid the ubiquitous speed traps. There must have been one state patrol car for every ten vehicles on the road. In any case, we arrived without any trouble, though I am thankful that our next few shows remain under five hours in distance. New York to Quebec will be daunting but we cannot wait to return to Montreal, our home away from home. Show soon, Jaxx presold 400 tickets so expectations are high. We shall see in about two hours.